Forget Me Not Alz

The Founder


The Founder

Hi, I am Alexandra Rainis and I am CEO and Founder of Forget Me Not Alz. I started this charity so that I can help end a disease that takes people away from their families too soon. Here is my story: At age 10 my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. As a young girl I did not understand what the disease would do and how it would affect my life. At 15 I had seen the horrors of Alzheimer’s and how it affected everyone in my family. I watched a person I loved slowly forget her life, her loved ones and forget me. One night after visiting my grandmother I broke down. Usually I could hold it together, but this day was the day she had truly forgot me. There was no emotion in her eyes and when I saw it, my heart broke. I was angry that I was so helpless, that I could not help my grandmother, the person who everyday told me she loved me and helped me through some of my lowest times. I didn’t want to be helpless anymore, but sometimes the idea of making a change can seem daunting. However, I did not want to let my fear hold me back. So, I decided to start my own nonprofit organization. I hope my nonprofit helps end Alzheimer's, so families do not have to go through the same pain my family experienced. Even though I started this charity, I could not have done this alone. I would like to thank my parents, Kerstin Marzullo and most importantly, my grandmother for her unconditional love. I also want to thank you (the reader) for taking your time and reading my story. I hope my jewlery comforts you through the hard times or just make you smile.

All the Love,

Alexandra Rainis